Premium Rate 0871 Numbers

0871 numbers offer the very best profit share rebate on your inbound minutes of any of the non geographic number ranges these days. Unfortunately, this means that many operators try to attract customers based upon the size of the per minute share and not upon service or call quality. A profit share of 7 pence per minute on a ten pence per minute call may seem very attractive, but it soon loses it appeal, if you don't get good call quality or the technical support you need. Charges that apply elsewhere can also soon offset what you earn, such as monthly service charges for your number, bills for basic call management and routing.

If you are looking for an 0871 number supplier with revenue share, you should look at the full package and consider whether the provider uses a tier one carrier such as BT, Telstra or Opal for your numbers, whether you get IVR, call handling services, and call management facilities for free or whether you are going to get separate bills for them. Also take into account the level of technical support you will get - i.e. is it just email support or is there a 24/7 technical support line ready to help you with line faults or call management queries.

0871 numbers are classed by Ofcom as premium rate numbers and cost 10 pence per minute from a BT landline. It is also worth taking time to consider whether your callers will be happy to pay this; which they may be for some services but not for others. You should also pay close attention to Ofcom guidelines for how you should display and announce your call prices. For premium rate numbers call waiting times should be kept to a minimum and there should be no unnecessary delays. A good 0871 provider should be able to help you with this.

Callers who want to avoid the charges on 0871 numbers will often turn to the Say No to 0870 website, which provides the alternative geographic number for many non geographic premium rate numbers, and even lower call charge numbers where they want to call from a mobile and use their free minutes. You can find out more about this site and see how it works here.

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